Canadian Urban Libraries Council/Conseil des Bibliothèques Urbaines du Canada

Knowledge Transfer


2019 Study Tour


Proposed Timing: Autumn 2019

Length: 10 days

Previous Study Tour Information:
CULC/CBUC’s 2011 Study Tour
The 2011 tour had 19 people: 3 architects; 5 senior staff; 9 CEOs; and 2 others (College Library Director; and CULC/CBUC Executive Director).

Proposed Cost: approx. $5,550 per person

What the cost would cover:

  • All hotels (based on single; lower price if sharing) while on tour
  • All ground transportation
  • All inter-European air travel and taxes
  • All breakfasts; some lunches; and at least three dinners (one per major stopping spot)
  • Taxes (HST) on a small portion of the money
  • Guides and on-ground support
  • Main host gift(s); though last time we augmented that with “library-branded swag” from those on the trip

What would not be covered:

  • Transportation to and from starting and final airport (TBD)
  • Some meals
  • Extra days before and/or after if choosing to come early or stay

Who can go on the tour:

  • Members (anyone within a member library system)
  • Architects and Planners working with a member
  • Retired Members
  • Spouses
  • If room, it will be opened up beyond, to other members of the Canadian public library community.

The target is 20 people. If there is more interest there are more options. Some of the assumption have been based on local ground transportation arrangements.


At that point if there is enough serious interest we will go the next step of refining; tightening up the tour order and the precise inclusions and pricing. Please send an email to if you are interested.

Potential Itinerary

Day One

Afternoon: Frankfurt Public Library

Day Two

Morning: Train from Frankfurt to Stuttgart
Afternoon: Stuttgart Municipal Library and return train

Day Three

Morning: Fly from Frankfurt to Copenhagen
Afternoon: The Black Diamond or The Royal Danish Library

Day Four

Morning: Malmo City Library
Afternoon: An Open Library

Day Five

Morning: Train to Aarhus
Afternoon: Dokk1 and return train

Day Six

Morning: Fly to Oslo
Afternoon: New Oslo Central Library

Day Seven

Morning: Fly to Helsinki
Afternoon: Espoo Library, Sello Branch

Day Eight

Morning: Helsinki Central Library
Afternoon: Helsinki University Main Library

Day Nine

Morning: Fly to Amsterdam
Afternoon: Amsterdam Central Library

Day Ten

Morning: Delft Library Concept Center (DOK)

Itinerary Options

Itinerary #2 would be much the same, eliminating the trip to Germany, flying straight to Copenhagen and then to Oslo to see the remarkable new Oslo Central Library that is slated to open in 2019. This trip would cost the same and would be one day shorter. We could also cut out the Helsinki University library; those who wish to see it could simply walk there on their own time. It is downtown. If so, we could add several libraries in Oslo to extend our time there.

Berlin Options

  • Philology Library of the Free University of Berlin
  • Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus
  • Humboldt University of Berlin Library and Berlin School of Library and Information Science

Previous Study Tour Information:

CULC/CBUC’s 2011 Study Tour