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Digital Working Group Teleconference – September 25

On September 25, the CULC/CBUC Digital Collections Working Group hosted a teleconference about the current #eContentforAll initiatives happening in Canada and the new partnership with ULC in the US.

Here are the slides from the presentation: Digital Collections Working Group Teleconference PDF

The presentation also included a link for participants to sign up for future updates and campaign information about Digital content:
Collection Leaders: Digital Collections Working Group – Future Contacts List

You can also volunteer to work on the CULC/CBUC subcommittee for the next eOne Read Campaign.

Visit the CULC/CBUC eContent website for more information about the eContent campaigns and the work by the CULC/CBUC Digital Collections Working Group.


CELA Appoints Rina Hadziev as Executive Director

On behalf of the Board of Directors I am delighted to announce that Rina Hadziev has accepted the position of Executive Director of the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA). 

Rina brings over 15 years of experience in public library leadership, most recently as Collections & Technical Services Coordinator at Greater Victoria Public Library (GVPL) in Victoria, British Columbia to her new role as CELA’s Executive Director. Rina was a member of the CELA board from 2016-2019, and played a key role advocating for improved access to ebooks and digital audiobooks for libraries and their patrons through her participation with the Canadian Urban Libraries Council Digital Content Working Group. In her role with Greater Victoria Public Library, Rina spearheaded the integration of new technologies, e-resources and digital collections to better serve library patrons. 

Rina will join CELA effective October 7, 2019, succeeding Michael Ciccone who left CELA in late August to become CEO of London Public Library. Like Michael, Rina is passionate about the vital role of public libraries in ensuring and facilitating equitable access for their patrons with print disabilities. Under Rina’s leadership, CELA will continue tobuild on its existing relationships, and her collaborative style will help CELA develop new partnerships which are essential for the continued improvement of accessible library services and collections. 

The CELA board and staff are excited to welcome Rina and we look forward to the new opportunities her leadership will create for CELA. 


Catherine Biss

Chair, CELA Board of Directors 



Au nom des membres du conseil d’administration, j’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que Rina Hadziev a accepté le poste de directrice générale du Centre d’accès équitable aux bibliothèques (CAÉB). 

En sa qualité de directrice générale du CAÉB, Rina nous fera profiter de plus d’une quinzaine d’années de leadership au sein de bibliothèques publiques, notamment dans ses récentes fonctions de coordonnatrice des Collections et des Services techniques à la Bibliothèque publique du Grand Victoria (GVPL) en Colombie-Britannique. Membre du conseil d’administration du CAÉB de 2016 à 2019, Rina a joué un rôle essentiel dans la promotion d’un meilleur accès des bibliothèques et de leurs clients aux livres électroniques et aux livres audio numériques, en participant au groupe de travail sur les contenus numériques du Conseil des bibliothèques urbaines du Canada. Dans ses fonctions à la Bibliothèque publique du Grand Victoria, elle a été le fer de lance d’initiatives d’intégration des nouvelles technologies, des ressources en ligne et des collections numériques destinées à mieux répondre aux besoins des clients de cette bibliothèque. 

Rina se joindra au CAÉB à compter du 7 octobre 2019 et succédera à Michael Ciccone, qui a quitté le CAÉB en août dernier pour accepter le poste de directeur général de la Bibliothèque publique de London. Tout comme Michael, Rina est passionnée par le rôle crucial que jouent les bibliothèques publiques pour garantir et faciliter l’accès équitable de leurs clients incapables de lire les imprimés. Sous la houlette de Rina, le CAÉBentend continuer d’enrichir ses relations. Son approche collaborative aidera le CAÉBà créer de nouveaux partenariats, essentiels à l’amélioration constante des services et des collections accessibles desbibliothèques.

Lesmembres du CA et les employés duCAÉBsont ravis d’accueillir Rina, et sont impatients de tirer parti des possibilités nouvelles que sonleadership permettra de créer au CAÉB. 

Salutations cordiales, 

Catherine Biss

Présidente du conseil d’administration du CAÉB 



New CEO of London Public Library Announced

The London Public Library Board is pleased to announce that Michael J. Ciccone has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer of London Public Library (LPL). Mr. Ciccone will assume this role at the end of August, when Susanna Hubbard Krimmer retires after 29 years at LPL, 11 years as CEO& Chief Librarian.

With his experience building relationships on a national level and success as an advocate for public library services, the London Public Library Board is confident in their selection of Mr. Ciccone as LPL’s next CEO. “We are very excited to find a candidate who so clearly values inclusion, diversity and accessibility and has leveraged these values to lead a significant organization from the start-up phase to international recognition”, says Mariam Hamou, Chair of the London Public Library Board. “Michael is a collaborative, professional leader that will be able to build upon the existing strengths and achievements of LPL to meet the future opportunities of library service head on.”

Mr. Ciccone is a champion of equitable library service and has extensive leadership experience in public libraries in the United States and Canada. Most recently, Mr. Ciccone served as the Executive Director of the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA), a national non-profit organization that supports public libraries in the provision of accessible collections to Canadians with print disabilities in the formats of their choice, including audio, braille, and electronic text. CELA launched in 2014, and, under Mr. Ciccone’s leadership, has become internationally recognized. There are now more than 600 public library systems in Canada who are members of CELA, and their patrons have access to more than 650,000 items in accessible formats.

Mr. Ciccone has held management and administrative roles at Hamilton Public Library and the New York Public Library. He is one of the founders of Loan Stars, a readers’ advisory tool for Canadian library staff. He also serves on the board of eBound Canada, the digital arm of the Association of Canadian Publishers, acting as an ambassador between the Canadian publishing industry and public libraries.

Mr. Ciccone is looking forward to immersing himself in the London community, meeting key stakeholders and getting to know the staff, Board members and patrons of LPL. “I want to thank the London Public Library Board for providing this incredible opportunity and entrusting me with this responsibility” says Mr. Ciccone. “I’m assuming leadership of an organization that currently has a wonderful reputation and my plan is to build on that foundation and provide Londoners with the best possible public library experience available. I believe that public libraries provide their communities the ultimate public good and my approach to service delivery is based on that principle.”

Catherine Biss, Board Chair for the Centre for Equitable Library Access and CEO, Markham Public Library thinks this new role will be a good fit for Mr. Ciccone, LPL, and the library profession. “Michael brought a unique blend of skills and experiences when he came to CELA almost 5 years ago. His library knowledge combined with his network of colleagues has supported the achievement of CELA’s Strategic Plans”, Ms. Biss says. “I look forward to continuing to work with Michael as a fellow Ontario library CEO on the challenges and opportunities that face public Libraries. It is good to know we will have an expert on the accessibility file within our leadership group.”

The London Public Library Board looks forward to working with Mr. Ciccone to build upon the success and contributions of Susanna Hubbard Krimmer, who announced her plans to retire to the Library Board and staff in late 2018. The Board worked with Prime Management Group Inc. to conduct the search for Ms. Hubbard Krimmer’s successor as CEO.


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Vickery Bowles New ULC Chair

Vickery Bowles, the city librarian at Toronto Public Library, is the 2019–2020 Urban Libraries Council Chair.