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CULC/CBUC Member Briefing - Copyright Legislation and Supreme Court Rulings

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 @ 1:00 pm Eastern (10 am Pacific; 2 pm Atlantic)


Speaker: Paul Whitney, former City Librarian, Vancouver Public Library and recognized Copyright Expert
Moderator: Catherine Biss, Chair, CULC/CBUC and CEO, Markham Public Library

As most are aware Bill C-11 (the same as Bill C-32 from 2010) received Royal Assent on July 29, 2012. Two weeks later, in mid-July, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled on five copyright matters that were before them.

The CULC/CBUC Executive is hosting a high-level briefing on the impact of these actions and what it means or could potential mean for large urban public library administration and service in Canada. Canadian Copyright expert and former Vancouver Public Library City Librarian Paul Whitney will give his take and answer questions from members. The format will be an audio teleconference followed by a Q & A.

On behalf of IFLA, Paul has recently attended a series of World Intellectual Property Organisation meetings on limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives and is chairing the IFLA eLending Task Force. International copyright developments relevant to Canadian public libraries will be reviewed. If you have specific questions or issues you would like to have Paul address, please send them to my attention and I will ensure they get to Paul in advance.

The call is open to CEO and Senior Staff as members feel appropriate. There is no cost for participation. The call will be recorded and will be available for playback off of the CULC/CBUC website following the live presentation so that others who cannot make the live presentation can still benefit.


WebEx Meeting for ReadersFirst Initiative - CULC/CBUC RFI and RFP to be profiled

Good Afternoon Everyone, 

I am writing to present the agenda for the ReadersFirst WebEx taking place at 2pm, September 4th, 2012

Each of you will receive a WebEx invitation in the following week with information about how to login or call-in, either to participate or listen.

The following is a list of presenters and topics that will get everyone up to speed on the state of libraries and e-content access. The presentations will be followed by Q&As. 

1. Micah May, Director of Strategy, New York Public Library
Introduction and Proposed Vision for ReadersFirst; Update on NYPL's Work with Publishers to Secure E-Content Access
Micah will describe a proposed plan for this ReadersFirst group and then briefly discuss NYPL's work with publishes and distributors to secure e-content including the recent pilot deal reached with Penguin and 3M.

2. Sari Feldman, Executive Director, Cuyahoga County Public Library
Update on the American Library Association's Digital Content & Libraries Working Group
Sari will discuss the recent activities of this ALA Working Group. 

3. Michael Colford, Director of Library Services, Boston Public Library
Update on the Digital Public Library of America
Michael will report on recent work done by the Digital Public Library of America, their stance on the ReadersFirst Initiative, and how it fits in with their mission.

4. Patrick Losinksi, CEO, Columbus Metropolitan Library and Martin Gomez, Vice Dean, University of Southern California Libraries
Update on Advocacy
Pat and Martin will outline their current advocacy projects, including their work with the Ohio legislature, and discuss their grant, awarded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services, to explore e-book strategies for libraries.

5. Thomas W. Galante, Director and CEO, Queens Library
Update on Library Hosted E-Content 
Tom will review the current progress and plans among libraries taking steps to host and serve their own e-content. 

6. Ken Roberts, former Chief Librarian, Hamilton Public Library
Update on E-Books Partnerships in Canada
Ken will provide a summary of the Canadian Urban Libraries Council partnership with the Association of Canadian Publishers. 

7. Working Leadership Group 
To Dos and Next Steps for ReadersFirst
The remaining 15-30 minutes of the WebEx will be to determine the next steps to be taken on by the Working Leadership Group. 

Thanks and we all look forward to the talk!

Sam Rubin

Junior Strategy Analyst, Office of Strategic Planning
The New York Public Library
Stephen A Schwarzman Building, 5th Ave & 42nd St, Rm 201
(212) 930-0702 x20702