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CULC/CBUC joins 18 other Organizations in Endorsing a Statement of Qualities

In response to the recent resignation of the Librarian and Archivist of Canada, Daniel j Caron, CULC/CBUC joined a large list of library, archival, and history organization in endorsing a Statement on the Qualities that would be seen as “Success Qualities” for a future Appointment of the Librarian and Archivist of Canada. This will be discussed further next week at the CUlC/CBUC meetings and it there are furhter points needing to be made that will be covered in an additional letter to the Minister of Heritage, the Heritage Committee and the Privy Council.  

Other signatories to the Joint Statement include:  Canadian Library Association, Ontario Library Association, Library Association of Alberta, Quebec Library Association, Canadian History Association, Canadian Council of Archives, Association of Canadian Archivist and many more.  

The statement can be read here; the French version is here.


Communique on Alternative Format Delivery Project

Click Here for a Communique from the CULC/CBUC Working Group on Alternative Formats. It is titled Canadian Public Library Accessible Formats Initiative, but this is not a presumed title for the project. We are hoping to name the new service when it is closer to the final iteration.

There seems to be considerable misunderstanding within the broader library and end user community about the work CULC/CBUC has been undertaking on this file and the availability of options being considered by various library stakeholders.

Since June 2012 CULC/CBUC has been in discussions with CNIB about alternative format production and service provision.  There is an exciting and sustainable service model has been developed.  We are very pleased to have a meeting scheduled at the end of May with the PTPLC to see how NNELS/CALS and the solution CULC/CBUC has been working on can come together; or compliment each other. In order to respond to the questions we have been receiving, please see the attached brief that outlines the service model that has been developed. 

Thank you for the significant support of this project and the encouraging words that many have sent in to keep the focus on the outcome that has been described.

CULC Alternative Format.pdf (149.40 kb)

CULC Alternative Format


National Librarian Resigns

The Canadian Urban Libraries Council wishes Dr. J. Caron the very best in his future endeavours, and thanks him for the support and faith he showed in CULC/CBUC during his tenure.  CULC/CBUC will continue to collaborate with LAC and other library groups and looks forward to contributing ideas and work to the National Library and Archives that Canadians need and want.  


I am informing you of my decision to leave Library and Archives Canada as of today.  Over the last four years, we have made a lot of progress in modernizing our institution. I am very proud of the accomplishments and conscious of the work yet to be done. The challenges remain vast and fascinating. I now believe it is time for someone else to take on and build the necessary support to continue to make the institution increasingly responsive to the digital environment. I would like to thank all of those who have largely contributed to the progress made and encourage you to continue this collaboration


Je vous informe de ma décision de quitter Bibliothèque et archives Canada en date d'aujourd'hui.  Au cours des quatre dernières années, nous avons fait beaucoup de progrès dans la modernisation de l'institution. Je suis très fier de nos réalisations  et conscient du travail qui reste à faire. Les défis demeurent énormes et passionnants. Je crois qu'il est maintenant temps pour quelqu'un d'autre de prendre la relève et de bâtir les appuis nécessaires pour que l'institution puisse continuer à s'adapter à l'environnement numérique. J'aimerais remercier ceux qui ont largement contribué aux progrès accomplis et vous encourage à poursuivre cette collaboration.


Daniel J. Caron Ph D


Rebecca Raven new CEO Brampton Public Library

On behalf of the Library Board, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Rebecca Raven to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Brampton Library, effective June 3, 2013.

Ms. Raven holds undergraduate degrees from McMaster University and Trent University and a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Western Ontario. She is active in her community and currently serves on the Board of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Ms. Raven’s guiding mantra is “library use is a choice” philosophy, promoting excellence in customer experience and she looks forward to applying that philosophy in her new role.

Ms. Raven, who brings over 24 years of public library experience to the position, began her professional career at the Hamilton Public Library. Starting as a Children’s Librarian, she progressed into more senior management positions, most recently as the Director of Public Service. In this role, she participated in all aspects of the library including corporate services, finance, HR, labour relations including collective bargaining, IT, finance, change management and strategic planning. As well, she worked closely with the library board by attending and participating in the meetings, executing quality services with staff and community partners.

Ms. Raven co-established the Public Library Leadership Fellows Program with the assistance of an Advisory Committee of public library CEOs, University of Toronto faculty and CULC/CBUC Executive. The Public Library Leadership Fellows Certificate program, which was launched in 2012, is available through the University of Toronto’s iSchool and Ms Raven is currently enrolled in the program.

Ms. Raven will be responsible for working with the Library board, staff, and community partners to build a strong library service to meet the needs of one of Canada’s fastest-growing and most diverse communities.

Brampton Library provides service to one of Canada’s fastest growing and most dynamic communities. With a population of over 523,000, Brampton is the 4th largest city in Ontario, and the 9th largest city in Canada. Through its collections, services and programs, Brampton Library is a key partner in supporting the growth and diversity of the city, and serving residents from 175 distinct ethnic backgrounds and the 70 different languages that are spoken in our city.


Rose Vespa new Mississauga Director of Library Services

City Announces New Director of Library Services

Mississauga, May 3, 2013 – Mississauga announced yesterday the appointment of Rosemary Vespa as director, Library Services, effective June 10, 2013. She replaces Don Mills who retired last October.

“I am pleased to have Rose join the Library leadership team in Community Services at the City of Mississauga," said Paul Mitcham, commissioner, Community Services. "She will help continue the tradition of outstanding library service to the community.”

Vespa has held numerous management positions in the field of library services. Her most recent position was Chief Executive Officer, Brantford Public Library, where she was directly responsible for leading many high profile initiatives such as expanding the university and public library partnership with Wilfrid Laurier University, considered to be a one-of-a-kind partnership in North America.

She graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours English and History) and a Masters of Library and Information Services.

In addition to her work with Brantford Public Library, Vespa has worked in a number of systems and capacities including as CEO Lincoln Public Library, as a Librarian in the Windsor and Vaughan Library Services and within the school system as a Librarian at the secondary school level.

“Mississauga will benefit from Rose’s energy, knowledge and passion for library services,” said Brad Hutchinson, chair, Mississauga Public Library Board. “Her commitment to building a strong inclusive community where everybody has the resources to succeed will serve residents well.”

According to Hutchinson, the Mississauga Library System is one of the largest public library systems in Canada with more than 300,000 registered users and 18 locations. The Mississauga Public Library Board is made up of citizens appointed by City Council for a four-year term.

Vespa’s professional memberships have included the Large Urban Caucus of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries, the Ontario Library Association, the Canadian Library Association, the American Library Association and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

As Canada’s sixth largest city, Mississauga is home to 741,000 residents and more than 54,000 businesses, including more than 60 Fortune 500 companies with Canadian head offices or major divisional head offices. A diverse, progressive and award-winning municipality located on the shores of Lake Ontario in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga is “Leading Today for Tomorrow” by focusing on delivering services, implementing its Strategic Plan, delivering value for money and maintaining infrastructure.

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