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CULC/CBUC Members to Receive Awards at OLA Super Conference

Ontario Library Association Les Fowlie Intellectual Freedom Award

Vickery Bowles, Toronto Public Library

In July 2017 Ms. Bowles defended Toronto Public Library's stance on a library room booking for Barbara Kulaszka’s memorial service. Ms. Kulaszka was a lawyer who had represented Holocaust deniers in her practice, and the booking was seen by many as allowing Nazi rhetoric to enter the library space. Ms. Bowles insisted that denying access to these library services contravened the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the principles of intellectual freedom and the cornerstone of the library’s mission and values.

Despite mounting political pressure from the Mayor of Toronto, and intense scrutiny from national and international media, Ms. Bowles remained steadfast to the values of librarianship and was able to maintain a respectful dialogue throughout the situation. Her efforts have gone on to encourage more library systems to reflect on their policies, and to remind librarians of their professional values and principles.

The Ontario Library Association Board of Directors established the Award for Intellectual Freedom in 1997 to recognize the courage shown by individuals and organizations in defending the rights of library patrons to full access to information. In 2000, the Award was renamed the Les Fowlie Intellectual Freedom Award in memory of the former Chief Librarian of Toronto Public Library whose efforts on behalf of intellectual freedom in Canada are legendary.

Ken Haycock Award For Promoting Librarianship

Sandra Singh, Vancouver Public Library

The Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship is awarded to a candidate who has demonstrated exceptional success in enhancing the public recognition and appreciation of librarianship. This may have been accomplished through:

  • Exceptional practice as a librarian;
  • Teaching the profession in formal and informal settings: or
  • Writing
  • Selection will also be based on the nominee’s demonstrated actions as an Ambassador and role model for librarianship.

    Ontario Library Association President’s Award

    Dr. Guy Berthiaume, Library and Archives Canada

    The President's Award for Exceptional Achievement acknowledges an outstanding action or contribution that has in a major or unique way enhanced or furthered librarianship in Ontario. The selection is at the full discretion of the President of the OLA. Awards are only given if there is something of true historic significance to recognize.

    Ontario Library Boards’ Association (OLBA) W.J. Robertson Medallion

    Catherine Biss, Markham Public Library

    Under Catherine’s leadership, Markham Public Library has grown from a decentralized system of branches to an award-winning sophisticated urban library. Catherine’s vision for innovative and collaborative library service has resulted in a number of innovations at Markham Public Library, focused on customer experience and community engagement. A former chair of CULC and the current chair of CELA, Catherine has served on numerous boards and professional committees. Her work with NELI as a professional mentor has inspired new generations of leaders, as has her internal leadership of her own staff.

    The W.J. Robertson Medallion is presented by the Ontario Library Boards' Association to a public librarian who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the advancement of public library service in Ontario.

    William John Robertson was a founding member of the Ontario Library Association. The thirty three "originals" that established the first constitution at the first Annual meeting of the Association in April, 1901, were a very distinguished and active group and W.J. Robertson was among the most prominent.

    Ontario Public Library Association (OPLA) Lifetime Achievement Award

    Susanna Hubbard Krimmer, London Public Library

    Susanna's vision for libraries extends beyond traditional library services and includes the enhancement and expansion of library services to all areas and users in the community – in an effort to serve identified community needs. Susanna recognizes the need for libraries to be innovative in their use of tools and information to achieve great results for users. Susanna's strong grasp of industry standards and her participation in province-wide committees (former President, OLA) and associations have inspired the progressive direction of London Public Library and by extension, libraries across the province. Susanna takes the time to develop other leaders in the library community, taking the time to engage coworkers, fellow colleagues, and the community.

    The Ontario Public Library Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a library staff member who has given life long service to the profession and has contributed significantly to the growth and innovation of public libraries in Ontario. The President of the Ontario Public Library Association presents the award at the annual Public Library Awards Gala held at the Ontario Library Association’s annual Super Conference.


CFLA Statement – Concerned about US Net Neutrality Protection Elimination

GATINEAU, December 14, 2017

Canadian Federation of Library Associations – Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA-FCAB) Concerned about US Net Neutrality Protection Elimination

Recent news of the United States’ Federal Communications Commission Order calling for the end of protecting net neutrality raises grave concerns. The future of information sharing globally could be put at risk if net neutrality is no longer protected. Ensuring that intellectual freedom is preserved, and access to information remains equally open to all is crucial to fostering an informed, educated democratic society.

The Order named “Restoring internet freedom” aims to remove the 2015 Open Internet Order clause that requires: transparency (network management practices, performance characteristics, and terms and conditions of services must be made available); and, no unreasonable discrimination (providers cannot discriminate the transmission of lawful network traffic).

“Net neutrality is required to ensure there is equitable access for all, to all types of information on the internet. The removal of Net Neutrality Protection would allow corporations to provide priority services for those willing to pay more, and disenfranchise those without the ability to pay” stated Peter Bailey, CFLA-FCAB Chair. “CFLA-FCAB fully supports the statements put forward by the American Library Association and the Association of Research Libraries in encouraging the United States Congress to vote against this Order”.

The Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA-FCAB) is the united, national voice of Canada’s library community. Our member associations represent over 10,000 library workers in every province and territory. Our purpose is to advance library excellence in Canada, champion library values and the value of libraries and influence national and international public policy impacting libraries and their communities.


More information:
Katherine McColgan
Executive Director

GATINEAU, 14 décembre 2017

La Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques-Canadian Federation of Library Associations (FCAB-CFLA) préoccupée par l’élimination de la protection de la neutralité d'Internet aux États-Unis

Les nouvelles récentes concernant le décret de la Federal Communications Commission Order [Commission fédérale des communications] des États-Unis sur la fin de la protection de la neutralité d'Internet soulèvent de sérieuses préoccupations. L’avenir de l’échange de l’information à l’échelle mondiale pourrait être mis en péril si la neutralité d'Internet n’était plus protégée. La préservation de la liberté intellectuelle et de l’accès à l’information pour tous est cruciale pour créer une société démocratique informée et éduquée.

Le décret, intitulé « Restoring internet freedom » [Restaurer la liberté d’Internet] vise à supprimer la clause du décret sur l’ouverture d’Internet de 2015, qui exige la transparence (les pratiques de gestion du réseau, les caractéristiques de performance et les modalités des services doivent être accessibles) et interdit toute discrimination déraisonnable (les fournisseurs ne peuvent faire de discrimination dans la transmission du trafic licite sur le réseau).

« La neutralité d'Internet est nécessaire pour assurer un accès équitable et universel à tous les types d’information sur Internet. L’élimination de la protection de la neutralité d'Internet permettrait à des entreprises d’offrir des services prioritaires à ceux qui sont prêts à payer plus et d’exclure ceux qui n’en ont pas les moyens, affirme le président de la FCAB-CFLA, Peter Bailey. La FCAB-CFLA appuie sans réserve les déclarations émises par l’American Library Association et l’Association of Research Libraries, qui invitent le Congrès américain à voter contre le décret. »

La Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (FCAB-CFLA) est la voix nationale unie de la communauté des bibliothèques du Canada. Nos associations membres représentent, dans chaque province et territoire, plus de 10 000 employés de bibliothèques. Nous nous employons à promouvoir l’excellence des bibliothèques au Canada, à défendre les valeurs des bibliothèques et à influencer les politiques publiques nationales et internationales touchant les bibliothèques et leurs collectivités.


Pour information :
Katherine McColgan
Directrice générale



HR Network Launches

Welcome to CULC/CBUC’s new Human Resources Network. This listserv is being launched to help create a national network of public library human resource professionals and to give you a platform to help and support your peers across the country.

CULC/CBUC collected the names that were submitted to us to create this list. If you have a colleague at a CULC/CBUC member library who should be on this list please have them fill out the short form here:

Some specific tasks and projects for the HR Network:

  • 2017 Salary Survey (updated and comparable to the 2007 and 2012 that were conducted);
  • Development of some other HR tools of interest to the group

Some features that will be available in the coming weeks include:

  • The HR listserv:
  • Forum for sharing ideas; asking questions; advancing HR in libraries through shared experience;
  • Password Area for HR policies from Member Only Wiki;
  • Directory of dedicated HR Professionals in member libraries;


Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship is seeking Nominations

The Steering Committee of the Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship is seeking Nominations to consider for the award.  Please consider nominating somebody and feel free to share with other networks of like-minded colleagues.  

How to apply:
  • Please submit a letter explaining why the nominee meets the criteria below.  Please provide specific examples.  A nominators name and contact information.  The Nominees name and contact information.  
  • Submit to: with SUBJECT containing NOMINATION and person’s name.
  • Apply by December 1, 2017 @ 12:00 noon Eastern Time.


The Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship is awarded to a candidate who has demonstrated exceptional success in enhancing the public recognition and appreciation of librarianship. This may have been accomplished through:

  • Exceptional practice as a librarian;
  • Teaching the profession in formal and informal settings;
  • Writing;
The selection will also be based on the nominees demonstrated actions as an Ambassador and role model for librarianship.

Other considerations

  • The award recognizes exceptional achievement outside of the usual awareness activity a professional is expected to do.
  • Nominees may be from any Canadian province or territory. 


Autumn 2017 Hotel Information

This hotel has been recommended by Margie and her team at Vaughan Public Library.  

The group block is now active, CULC/CBUC embers can start reserving rooms by calling directly to 905-660-0212 or toll-free 1-866-630-2680 or email their reservation request to on or before Friday, September 1, 2017 by mention as the part of Canadian Urban Libraries Council.



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