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2020-07-03 Rebecca Raven new CFLA/FCAB Executive Director
2020-06-29 Expression of Interest – CELA Executive Director
2020-06-26 Congrats to Darren Solomon, new CEO, Richmond Hill PL
2020-06-25 CULC/CBUC AGM July 9 at 1 pm ET
2020-06-01 COVID-19 Toolkit Presentations are online
2020-05-22 CULC/CBUC Toolkit on Recovery & Reimagined Public Library Services Post COVID-19 Published
2020-05-21 Toolkit Presentations
2020-05-19 Publication of the Value Study of GLAMs in Canada
2020-05-15 Letter Templates
2020-05-05 Recovery and Reimagined Library Services - CULC/CBUC Think Tank Consultation Survey
2020-04-15 CULC/CBUC Think Tank on Recovery and Reimagined Library Services Post COVID-19
2020-03-05 COVID-19 Resources
2020-03-02 Spring 2020 Member Meeting
2020-02-24 CULC/CBUC Supports Freedom to Read Week
2019-12-12 CULC/CBUC Spring Meeting Hotel Information – Winnipeg
2019-12-03 8Rs Human Resources Study
2019-11-27 Lori Kelly leaving Mississauga Library
2019-11-19 I Read Canadian Day – February 19, 2020
2019-11-12 Laura Carter appointed Chief Librarian/CEO at Kingston Frontenac Public Library
2019-11-07 Press Release: Statement on Ebook Equity
2019-10-29 2019 Governor General Literary Awards Announced
2019-09-26 Digital Working Group Teleconference – September 25
2019-09-18 CELA Appoints Rina Hadziev as Executive Director
2019-07-13 New CEO of London Public Library Announced
2019-06-27 Some recent media interviews - more to come
2019-05-24 Vickery Bowles New ULC Chair
2019-05-16 Vancouver PL wins the John Cotton Dana Award
2019-05-16 Milton PL wins the ALA Presidential Citation for Innovative International Library Projects
2019-05-16 Greater Victoria Public Library wins John Cotton Dana Award
2019-04-23 Support Materials for One eRead Canada
2019-04-16 CMA Funding to Support Reconciliation Program
2019-04-12 Register Now for the 3rd Glam Summit
2019-03-26 Prime Minister Trudeau visits Pickering Public Library Maker Space
2019-03-19 One eRead Canada | Un livrel Canada
2019-03-18 Milton Public Library & Chief Librarian Awarded John Iliff Award for Innovation
2019-03-12 Phone It Forward Launch
2019-02-27 CULC/CBUC Library Study Tour 2020 Registration Now Open
2019-02-14 Upcoming CULC/CBUC Meetings – Hotel information
2019-01-14 #eContentforLibrariescampaign - Launched January 14th
2018-12-06 CULC/CBUC's Letter of Support for VPL’s Decision to Retain the Room Booking
2018-10-02 CULC/CBUC Unanimously supports motion recognizing Schrader
2018-09-12 Governor General Awards
2018-07-19 Congratulations to New Minister of Canadian Heritage
2018-07-18 CULC/CBUC responds to TOR Library Embargo
2018-07-12 Hotel Information for Autumn Meeting and PLLF Program
2018-06-06 Christina de Castell is VPL's new CEO
2018-05-10 Barrie Public Library appoints Lauren Jessop their new CEO
2018-05-09 Lita Barrie appointed new CEO of Burlington Public Library
2018-03-20 UPDATE: Digital Literacy Exchange Program
2018-02-21 CULC/CBUC to lead a National Application to Digital Literacy Exchange
2018-01-30 One of the busiest weeks of the year for the Canadian Library Community
2018-01-26 CULC/CBUC Members to Receive Awards at OLA Super Conference
2017-12-15 CFLA Statement – Concerned about US Net Neutrality Protection Elimination
2017-11-08 HR Network Launches
2017-10-25 Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship is seeking Nominations
2017-08-09 Autumn 2017 Hotel Information
2017-06-21 Victoria Owen appointed to WIPO Accessible Book Consortium
2017-06-21 LAC/BAC CIP Self Publisher Update
2017-06-09 Professor Lynne Howarth joins PLLeaders Advisory Board
2017-04-21 Truth and Reconciliation Report
2017-02-10 Spring CULC/CBUC Meeting – Hamilton
2016-12-07 The Ottawa Declaration
2016-10-21 La Déclarations des bibliothèques Québécoises
2016-06-07 Librarian and Archivist of Canada announces National Heritage Digitization Strategy collaboration
2016-04-29 CULC/CBUC WEBINAR - KPI Tool - May 19th @ 1 pm EASTERN
2016-04-11 Loan Stars - May List
2016-04-05 Spring 2016 Meeting
2016-03-24 Positive movement on Marrakesh Treaty by Canadian Government
2016-03-24 LAC Stakeholders Forum (March 23, 2016)
2016-03-09 Playback for Webinar.
2016-02-25 Urban Libraries Outcomes Management Webinar Date: Monday, February 29, 2016
2016-02-25 IFLA President's Meeting - April 7-8 / TORONTO
2016-01-13 Partnership between LAC and the Ottawa Public Library
2015-12-15 LAC approves $1.5 million in funding for 65 documentary heritage projects
2015-08-26 Lyon Declaration Update
2015-04-29 Saskatoon Public Library Appoints New Director
2015-04-20 New CEO at Kitchener Public Library Announced
2015-04-14 CARL FORUM. Open to PL Staff
2015-03-24 Member Meeting - June 3rd
2015-02-25 Gates Foundation – Cultivating Global Library Leadership
2015-02-06 Leading in the Digital World: Opportunities for Canada's Memory Institutions
2015-02-05 The Oshawa Public Libraries Introduces New CEO, Frances Newman
2015-01-05 LAC's Strategic Research Daily
2014-12-02 CELA Appoints Michael Ciccone as Executive Director
2014-11-25 LAC Accepts Auditor General's Recommendations
2014-10-16 Cambridge - Idea Exchange announces new CEO
2014-10-07 Library Issues Forum: Safety and Security in the Library
2014-10-01 Steve Kraft appointed Guelph Public Library CEO
2014-09-23 Åsa Kachan Named New Head of Halifax Public Libraries
2014-09-18 Libraries and Cross-Canada Check-up
2014-08-19 A Date with the New Calgary Central Library
2014-08-15 CULC/CBUC Teleconference BRIEFING on CASL Legal Opinion (Wed, Sept 10)
2014-06-23 Fall 2014 Meeting – Kitchener Hotel info
2014-06-12 Edmonton Public Library is the Gale LJ Library of the Year
2014-05-29 Centre for Equitable Library Access Launches
2014-04-23 Updated CULC/CBUC Paper on eBooks and Public Libraries
2014-04-10 Linda Cook receives CLA's Outstanding Service to Librarianship Award
2014-04-01 The Future of Libraries - Eastern Canada Edition
2014-03-26 Public Library Leadership Fellows Program - Deadline coming on April 15
2014-03-19 Jane Pyper steps down from Toronto PL
2014-02-28 VIP Summit - Values, Influence and Position
2014-02-24 Freedom to Read Week Event for all CULC/CBUC Libraries
2014-02-21 Member Update Briefing
2014-02-18 Hotel Options for CULC/CBUC Member Meeting in Victoria, BC
2014-01-09 CLA Announces New Executive Director
2013-12-20 Coquitlam Public Library Appoints Library Director
2013-12-20 Calgary appoints Bill Ptachek to CEO Position effective February 1
2013-11-15 Google wins dismissal of suit over Digital Books Project
2013-11-15 LAC-BAC Lender of Last Resort Procedures
2013-11-04 Andrew Martin Appointed
2013-11-04 Making Good on the Promise: A Public Library Led National Solution for Accessible Format Materials
2013-07-30 Senior Project Executive
2013-07-24 Libraries in Crisis
2013-06-06 CULC/CBUC Motion to create a new national organization
2013-05-25 CULC/CBUC joins 18 other Organizations in Endorsing a Statement of Qualities
2013-05-17 Communique on Alternative Format Delivery Project
2013-05-16 National Librarian Resigns
2013-05-09 Rebecca Raven new CEO Brampton Public Library
2013-05-03 Rose Vespa new Mississauga Director of Library Services
2013-02-07 PL Information Technology Models of Service (2013)
2013-01-03 LAC-BAC seeks input on ILL Future Iterations
2013-01-02 Report from a Representative at the IFLA Access to Digital Content Meeting
2012-12-04 Summary Documents from Pan Canadian Documentary Heritage
2012-10-11 CEO of Brampton PUblic library to retire on December 31
2012-10-03 CULC/CBUC supports CNIB Digital Hub Proposal
2012-09-27 John Pateman hired as new Chief Librarian at Thunder Bay Public Library
2012-08-27 CULC/CBUC Member Briefing - Copyright Legislation and Supreme Court Rulings
2012-08-27 WebEx Meeting for ReadersFirst Initiative - CULC/CBUC RFI and RFP to be profiled
2012-07-24 Charlotte Meissner appointed CEO of Oakville Public Library
2012-07-10 Autumn 2012 Meeting Information - October 1 and October 2, 2012
2012-07-09 City of Winnipeg endorses major library development plan
2012-07-05 Joint acquisition of S & B Books
2012-06-23 Louise Procter Maio new CEO of Richmond Hill Public Library
2012-06-05 RFI Released seeking partners for better eContent for Public Libraries
2012-06-05 Public libraries join forces to demand better eBook accessibility for their customers
2012-06-04 CULC/CBUC offers support to the Digital HUB proposal for Canadians with Print Disabilities
2012-06-04 Items upcoming on the CULC/CBUC SPring Meeting Agenda
2012-06-04 New Executive for CULC/CBUC Elected
2012-05-22 CULC/CBUC participating with the eye to better understanding the challenges facing LAC-BAC
2012-05-16 Annual Institute on the Library as Place
2012-05-14 Statements on LAC-BAC Budget cuts
2012-05-07 Windsor Public Library wins CLA/OCLC Award for Innovative Technology
2012-05-02 CLA releases CAP Toolkit
2012-04-27 Paul Takala new CEO at Hamilton Public Library
2012-04-26 Ken Roberts to receive Outstanding Service to Librarianship Award at CLA
2012-04-13 CNIB distributes business plan for National Digital HUB
2012-04-10 Editorial about National Library Week in the USA.
2012-04-09 CAP-Youth Initiative stays in tact; but funding for operations ends
2012-03-05 CULC/CBUC Member Libraries contribute record stats to National Book Count
2012-02-29 Danielle McDonald new CEO of Ottawa Public Library
2012-02-27 Shared Spaces: Funding and Managing Libraries and Parks in Tough Times Session 2
2012-02-16 eBooks @ OLA; and ACP Winter Meetings
2012-02-16 Spring CULC Meeting is pre-CLA
2012-02-16 National Book Count 2012
2012-02-07 Slave Lake Public Library to Re-Open
2012-01-20 Penguin Audiobooks withdrawn for library purchase through OverDrive and other Platforms
2012-01-17 Salary Survey for PL Positions Coming in February 2012
2012-01-10 Toronto Budget Committee Votes for $7M more from Library Board
2012-01-07 National Book Count to go in February 2012
2011-12-20 Happy Holidays & Joyeuses fêtes
2011-11-25 Beth Barlow Retires, new Surrey Chief Librarian named
2011-11-22 Penguin and Library eBooks
2011-11-17 2011 Library Journal Director’s Summit
2011-11-16 eBook Pricing Models
2011-11-16 Brampton PL opens first new branch in 25 years
2011-11-10 2010 Lest We Forget Launch in Halifax
2011-10-21 Preparing to Write a New Chapter - Ken Robert's Retirement Announcement
2011-10-05 Barbara Clubb Announces Retirement from Ottawa Public Library
2011-10-01 European Study Tour - Post No. 5
2011-09-30 Ontario Provincial Election: Party Positions on Public and School Libraries
2011-09-25 Dispatch from Denmark #2 - Tour Start Date
2011-09-08 Second Round of Lest We Forget Pilots to Begin Across Canada
2011-09-07 ICC and CULC/CBUC Team Up on a Pilot Program to reach new Canadian Citizens
2011-09-07 European Study Tour
2011-09-07 Listservs to be launched in mid-September
2011-08-22 Maclean's Magazine writes a positive feature on Canadian Public Libraries
2011-08-17 CULC/CBUC White Paper on eBooks in Canadian Public Libraries
2011-07-21 Autumn 2011 CULC/CBUC Meeting Information
2011-07-20 CULC/CBUC Blog on eBooks and public libraries
2011-07-19 Public Lending Right/eBook Report Published
2011-06-27 Catherine Biss Receives FIAA Outstanding Alumni Award
2011-06-24 BPL wins Marketing Award for their Mobile App
2011-06-15 Call for Pilot Libraries
2011-06-13 Paul Whitney Re-elected to IFLA Governing Board
2011-06-01 CULC/CBUC to help Slave Lake Library Rebuild
2011-05-31 Canadian Public Library Trends 2000-2009: Analysis
2011-04-29 Spring Meeting Information
2011-03-23 Google Books Settlement Decision
2011-03-18 PLR Commission doing eBook Study
2011-03-02 Lest We Forget Pilots Wrap-Up
2011-02-27 HarperCollins instructs OverDrive and other library distribution platforms to limit circulation to 26 reads
2011-02-24 Government of Canada Supports CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind)'s Library
2011-01-21 National Book Count a success - lots of media coverage
2011-01-12 The EXIT Interview with Paul Whitney on his retirement from VPL
2011-01-10 National Book Count launched as lead-up to National Reading Summit
2011-01-10 IDEA FORUM on Early Childhood Outcomes
2010-12-22 Happy Holidays from CULC
2010-12-07 LAC-BAC identifies 12 key modernization initiatives
2010-12-03 Bill C-32 Goes to Committee & Writers Groups launch full-scale attack
2010-12-02 BPLMobile puts the library in the palm of your hand
2010-11-24 Hamilton library accesses new Optical R&E network
2010-11-09 Burlington Public Library hosts national launch of LAC's Lest We Forget
2010-11-02 Changements au sein du Conseil de direction de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada / Changes at Library and Archives Canada's Management Board
2010-10-26 New Mayors for many of Canada's big Cities
2010-10-25 HPL's Ken Roberts Nominated for a Silver Birch Award
2010-10-22 LWF Update and Pilot Locations
2010-10-19 National Library Association Continues to Urge Support for Private Member’s Bill
2010-10-19 Vancouver Public Library Board Names New City Librarian
2010-10-17 I *heart* EPL Lawn Signs
2010-08-16 Information Share Bulletins
2010-08-03 Maureen Sawa New CEO of Greater Victoria Public Library
2010-07-27 CULC/CBUC Autumn Meeting - Transportation and Hotel Information
2010-07-27 Examen de la politique du livre / Book Policy Review
2010-07-27 CULC/CBUC letter to Honourable Tony Clement on Long Form Census
2010-07-14 Barry Holmes Appointed New CEO at Windsor Public Library
2010-07-14 Canadian Library Groups Co-operate and Reinforce message for the Digital Economy Consultation
2010-06-24 Brampton Public Library names new CEO - Cathy Matyas
2010-06-14 CBC program SPARK on the future of public libraries
2010-06-08 CULC/CBUC commends government for Bill C-32 (Copyright); still some changes requested
2010-06-08 Library Book Rate - msg from MPP Merv Tweed
2010-05-19 Paul Whitney Vancouver City Librarian Retires
2010-05-04 CULC/CBUC to meet in Edmonton - June 6-7, 2010
2010-04-15 Barry Holmes leaves GVPL
2010-03-30 CULC/CBUC signed on to the Fair’s Fair – Fair Dealing in Canada
2010-03-10 Adele Kostiak Brampton Public Library CEO retires
2010-03-02 CULC/CBUC launches a new website
2010-03-02 2009 CULC/CBUC KPI Collection to begin March 1, 2010
2010-03-02 SIA Audit Tool and Toolkit Published
2010-03-02 Social Inclusion Audit Video Tutorials now available


235 posts