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Listservs to be launched in mid-September

At the Spring meeting it was decided that a series of listservs for CULC/CBUC member libraries. The lists that are going to launch this new service are for subject-matter experts who work in:

* Finance

* Collections

* Human Resources

* Facilities

* Information Technology

* Marketing

* Branch and Central Library Heads

The lists will be closed to members only, as approved by the CEO.  The lists will be unmoderated.  The goal is to maximize the ability to share information that can help libraries build their capacity and profile in their urban communities.  The existing CULC/CBUC listserv will continue to be vibrant and will focus on leadership and strategic and policy issues.  

The mechanism for inclusion will be through the CEO's Office.  Communication from CULC/CBUC is expected to commence on September 12th.