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Interesting Research




Here are a collection of top library bloggers and their focus.

  • Stephen’s Lighthouse – Stephen Abram spends an enormous amount of time and energy posting pieces that illuminate library industry trends, innovation, and information.
  • Free Range Librarian – K.G. Schneider is the free range librarian, community librarian for Equinox by day and blogger by night. This is her personal blog, detailing her travels and thoughts on writing, librarianship, and the world at large.
  • Information Wants To Be Free – Meredith Farkas, Distance Learning Librarian at Norwich University. Her blog reflects all sides of her multifaceted life, as well as how to use those social tools of the profession to best serve library patrons.
  • Tame the Web – Michael Stephens is Assistant Professor at Dominican University’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science. He writes on library issues, information and social technologies, and how they relate to the people they serve.
  • The Shifted Librarian – Jenny Levine is fascinated with the way we gather information in this day and age – no longer do we pursue it, so much as it comes to us, and so too must librarians shift their outlook to reflect this. In her blog, she discusses how to adjust to changing technology in a rapidly changing world.

Some bloggers and columnists who discuss eBooks and Digital Futures.